Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Quick House Buyer Do?

We are real estate investors based in the Greater Toronto Area who buy fixer upper starter homes all across Toronto, Peel Region, Durham Region, Simcoe County, Hamilton, Niagara Regions and Kitchener-Waterloo. We primarily buy and renovate to sell for a small profit. We will also buy property with good income potential to renovate and keep as rental apartments.

Heads up! If you’re reading this and your house is in perfect condition (not a fixer upper) and you’re simply looking for a way to sell your property fast, 100% as-is AND save on agent commissions – STOP! In our experience, you would be better served by listing your property with an experienced agent who can help you to get the most for your property. However, if you simply want to sell your perfect move-in ready home fast and you are willing to let it go at a discounted price in favour of a fast, gauranteed sale, then we MAY be able to help you. Best to give us a no-obligation call to chat and see if we are able to give you what you’re looking for!

How Much Do You Pay For Houses?

As cash investors helping sellers go from where they are now (point A) to where they want to go (Point B) so they can be, do and have what they want through a quick, guaranteed sale of their house, it’s necessary that we make a return on our cash investment.

How this works is, like any business, we need to be able to make a profit. We would need to buy your house at a price that will allow up to do the necessary repairs and renovations and be able to sell it at a later date for a profit. We’re not looking to retire on every deal, just make a decent return for our work throughout the process as the investor (finding the deal), financier (funding the deal), contractor (managing the renovation), and realtor (marketing and selling the deal). In return, you get a guaranteed sale for your house in 100% as-is condition, no open houses, no random showings at unexpected times, no additional fees to pay, no repairs to make, no staging, etc, etc.

How Does Your Buying Process Work?

Our buying process is actually quite simple. First, you either call us at the phone number above or fill out the fast cash offer webform here/below to give us some background information about your property and situation. If you like what you hear, think we might be a good fit, the next step would be making an appointment with one of our House Buying Specialists (HBS) to meet you at your property. These appointments typically go from 45 mins to 90 mins. At the appointment, our HBS will walk the property with you, ask some clarifying questions to make sure he/she understands what it is you’re looking for and how we could help with that.

If the HBS doesn’t see anything that will get in the way of making an offer, he/she will be able to give you an offer down to the penny!

If you like our offer, we can do the paperwork. If you don’t like our offer, something doesn’t feel right, the timing isn’t right, etc. no hard feelings at all, no hard selling. We’ll just call it a “no” to our offer, shake hands and be on our way. We look at lot of houses and we don’t buy all of them.

Again, we only want to buy your house if you are are 100% comfortable you want to sell it to us! We run a BBB accredited business and we work hard to maintain an A+ rating!

How Do I Know I’m Dealing with Someone Honest and Ethical? How do I Know I’m Not Being Taken Advantage of?

We are a small family owned and operated business since 2014. We pride ourselves on conducting business honestly, ethically and professionally. Every step of our buying process will be explained and presented to you during the appointment.

During our offer appointment, we will show you our detailed offer estimator which details out how we arrived at our offer price. This includes showing you recent comparable sold property prices in your neighbourhood, our detailed renovation estimate, and all the expenses we face when buying and selling real estate such as financing costs, Land Transfer Taxes, Legal fees, agent commissions. All you have to do is decide if our cash offer makes sense to you.

Additionally, our company has been in business for over 5 years and is registered with the Better Business Bureau where current and clients can files complaints or give us a positive review. Have a look here: link to Reviews & Testimonials

How do I Know I’m getting the Most Money Selling to You?

If you’re top priority is to get every penny out of the house and you’re totally willing to dump thousands or tens of thousands of dollars renovating your house, sourcing, managing, paying, even firing and re-sourcing contractors, pay agent commission then, from our experience, that ‘s how you will get the most money from selling your house!

If you’re not willing or interested in doing the above and prefer a faster, simpler alternative where you will likely get a smaller amount of money, BUT you WON’T be spending a lot of your time or money working on the house and WILL 100% get to your “Point B”, then we can show you how our all-cash offer might be for you.

YOU can then decide if it’s a fair offer given the fact that we will be doing ALL the above work AND you will be getting to your “Point B” in a safer, faster and simpler way through selling to us.

We know how important selling your house is to most sellers and we know we need to give you the best offer we can to have the best chance of buying the house so we’re actually both on the same page. In the end, it’s 100% your decision and we’ll do our best to win your business.

Do You Buy Houses That Need a Lot of Repairs?

Absolutely! we buy fixer upper real estate in Toronto, Peel Region, Durham Region, Niagara Region, Hamilton, Simcoe County and Kitchener-Waterloo that need repairs/upgrades all the time. In fact, most of the houses we buy need repairs. Those are the ones we actually prefer. Don’t worry about the level of repairs. We can handle anything – mold, structural issues, water damage, fire damage, building code violations, vacant properties, someone died in the house. We’ve seen it all!

Do you Buy Houses That are in Perfect Move-in Condition?

If you have a house that does not need repairs, don’t worry, we also buy those. However, before calling us, please read “What Does Quick House Buyer Do?” from the above 🙂

How long does it take to get a cash offer?

After our House Buying Specialists walks through the house and estimates the total costs of any repairs and upgrades and has seen the recent comparable sold properties, he/she will be able to tell you what our all-cash offer will be down to the penny! This usually take place during the appointment. We pay all-cash for houses in 100% as is condition! We know one of our competitive advantages is being able to pay all cash as buy as-is so we don’t mess around 🙂

If I request an offer from you, am I obligated to sell you my house?

Absolutely not! Our offer process is free and there are no obligations once we give your our all-cash offer. We only want to buy houses from people who want to sell them to us! You have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain!

Will you still buy my house even if there is a tenant living there?

Yes. Even if the house has a tenant, with or without a written lease, we are still interested in making you an offer to buy the house. Not a problem.

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We are a local Toronto company that can buy your house in ANY condition. You’ll pay ZERO real estate commissions. We can close with cash whenever you choose, from next week to 6 months from now. You get to choose!

We’ve been buying homes for years and have bought hundreds of homes. We have the resources, the knowledge, and experience to create a win-win situation for you!

We can get CASH in your hands within a few hours or days of you contacting us. We can close super fast!

But it gets better:

You can sell fast with no rush to move. You don’t have to move out right away, you can stay in your home for  a while until you locate another house.

We are confident that we can help you today — regardless of the situation.

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